This two page letter was inside of George II's personal 2-B brochure. It was done with carbon paper, and the very thin sheets of the copy are glued together.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Obtain Armour's Flint Brand Shredded soap, which is 88% pure soap. Mix one ordinary pail of soap in one 45 or 50 gallon barrel of water, preferably warm or hot water. Stir up until thoroughly dissolved. They do this stirring by putting the imxture in a galvanized iron tank and running a small compressed air pipe down into the bottom of the tank.

Now obtain from the Phoenix Oil Co. Cleveland, Ohio, a barrel of their CUTRITE oil. Take two gallons of the soap water mixture above mentioned and mix it with one gallon of CUTRITE, having another galvanized iron tank for this and a compressed air pipe run down to the bottom of it. They leave the air on this tank constantly, just enough so that it is noticeable on the surface of the combination. You can just see it bubbling up slightly. It makes a nice mixture, and it seems to lubricate the cutters enough so that they do not rust and they give a nice smooth cut, and do not waste much mixture.

I wish you would try this out, as the man in charge of the Milwaukee machines seems to think that it is a very great help. He says, it took him nearly sixty days to get this combination right and I have given it to you exactly as he gave it to me, so that you may proceed without any experimenting, and his method of running the air pipe down for the mixing is quite practical and quite efficient. His mixing tanks are of galvanized iron about 4 feet in diameter and 4 feet high, there being two of them, one for the soap water and one for the CUTRITE. He says, the CUTRITE people recommended the CUTRITE being used alone. He found the CUTRITE too heavy, and did not get as good results with it, as when he mixed as above with the soap water, and it is much more economical as above. The soap water alone did not give him good results and the perfected combination as he says, does not make any smoke whatever when it strikes the hot chips.