Biographical and Genealogical information about aunts and uncles of George Gorton II

The brothers and sisters of George Gorton I are:
  • Hannah - born 7/12/1828; died 11/7/1914.
    Married James G. Holt
  • Hugh - born 1831; died June 6, 1914
  • John - born 5/3/1833; died 9/24/1833
  • Henry - born 10/13/1834; died 7/11/1902
  • James Jr. - born 12/16/1836; died 12/19/1911. Married, 1 child
  • Betsy - born 6/4/1843; died ??. Married William McAllister. 2 Children: George, William
  • The initial source of George Gorton I's brothers and sisters comes from [GG2mem], which merely lists names in the appendix. Another reference is a handwritten note by Dorothy Lains Gorton (daughter-in-law of George II)



    Hugh seems to be the most prolifically described by various [News] entries, and seems to have been quite the enterpreneur (okay, wheeler-dealer). In chronological order, articles include:
    Here are three photos of Hugh; his wife Jane Smith Gorton (listed in some documents as Jeanette), and their daughter, Nellie all date unknown. All three say (lower right corner) 'Merell Studio, Ionia, Mich.' A search for Merell Studio, Ionia on shows shows that L.K.Merell (born Jan. 13, 1852) married H. Elizabeth Gorton on May 31, 1888. So it appears that these photos were done by Hugh and Jenett's son-in-law.

    Hugh's obituary [top part of the copy is partially truncated]:
    one of the first members of Racine lodge 252, B. P. O. Elks.
    On Octover 20, 1853, he was united in marriage to Jane M. Smith, of Aberdeen, Scotland. Four children blessed the union. There survives to mourn his death his widow, two daughters, Mrs. L.K.Merell, and Miss Nell L. Gorton of this city.
    Also two sisters, Mrs. Hannah Holt and Mrs. Betsey McAllister, both of Chicago.
    The funeral will take place on Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock from the house, 1020 College avenue. Interment in Mound cemetery. Friends will please omit flowers. Requiem will be held at the St. Luke's chapel for Mr. Gorton at 7:30 o'clock tomorrow morning.
    On account of the funeral of Hugh Gorton, late vice president of the First National bank, which takes place at ten o'clock a.m. Tuesday, June 9, the bank will not open until eleven o'clock.
    Racine City directory entries list Jenette (wife) and Nell as residents, the last entry for either is in the 1923 directory.



    James Jr.


    Misc. references

    The obituary of George I (Racine Daily Journal, 15 June, 1888) lists surviving brothers and sisters:
  • Mrs. Holt of Chicago
  • Mrs. McAllister of Chicago
  • Hugh Gorton of Racine
  • Henry Gorton of Racine
  • James Gorton of Rock City (Ill.)

  • George McAllister is described in [GG2mem] as a cousin (of George II) who lived and worked in Chicago. He is described as working for a Robert Tarrant who did tugboat repairing. An interesting aside is that this is Robert Tarrant of Felt and Tarrant, manufacturers of the Comptometer (do an internet search for comptometer).
    Bill McAllister (cousin of George II) is noted (again in [GG2mem]) as working for Western Electric in Chicago.
    Lance McAllister (uncle of George II) was in charge of the (railroad) roundhouse in Racine when George II was young.

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