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The images and transcriptions here are from various family photos
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Here is an arbitrary organization of all of the photos and documents from Charles & Dorothy's collection, ranging from various 1800's photos, to Charles' High School report cards, to Dorothy's family pictures, ...

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'Thanksgiving Day Milwaukee, Wisc, 1937'. This may be mostly Findley family.
Dick & John. (Note the artwork)
Front yard, winter 1947
Front yard, winter 1947
Front yard, winter 1947
(Charles) shoveling, winter 1947
"Helping" with the shoveling, small people style, winter 1947
Pat & Bea, 1948
Pat? 1948
Bea, 1948
Pat?, 1948
Pat, with Bea at right: 1948
Bea (on left) anad Pat: 1948
Family photo, about 1948 - 1949. Back: John, Dick. Front: Dotty, Pat, Bea, Charles
Shop picnic, July, 1952. Pat is looking at something held by the girl (unknown) on the left; Bea is wearing a hat; Charles looking on.
Florence and Maybelle Tilton. Photo taken on Maybelle's birthday, Jan 21, 1961. I (Rick) don't recall Florence, but do remember Maybelle.
Front yard, summer or fall of 1961
Note from Dorothy to her Betty (presumably Findlay). Trondheim? Some of the ancient photos say Arendal, others say Kristiansand; Arendal and Kristiansand are 50-60 Km apart.
Scanned copy of Bea's birth certificate: 27 July, 1946

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