Family photos

The images and transcriptions here are from photos owned by Charles and Dorothy.
Dates and names are pure guesswork. Click on a photo to view an expanded version

From appearances, the three leftmost men in the back row and the man sitting on right end, sitting on the ground (front row) may be brothers. Likewise the front row, left most, front row, 3rd person (hands clasped about right leg) and back row, right most may be brothers.
No identities known for sure.
Back side of the "Camp Modoc - 1908" picture postcard
Addressed to Mr. George Grennis, 663 Pomeroy St. Kenosha, WI.
Racine, Wis 11/30/08
Dear Geo. - "Camp Modoc" meet Thursday night 12/3 at our place - 1629 Hamilton St. Be sure to come, we want everybody present. With regards, Chris A.
Drop me a postal so I'll know you got this. C.
The man on the left, middle row, appears to be related to the leftmost man, front row of the Camp Modoc photo. Also, the man wearing the black bow tie in the back row, center, seems to resemble J.G. Earhuff (dorothy's grandfather)
Back of above photo. Either "92" or "02". Unclear if this is random scribbling, or a year.
Definitely the "Camp Modoc" crew, with wives or girlfriends.
Tru Svenenson. Presumably a photo taken in Norway, by Aug[ust] S. Ludt.
Complete unknown, photograph taken in Arendal, Norway. Possibly Tostenson relative
No identities known. This photo is on a very thin steel or iron plate.
On "Velor" paper; Foto Fahlstroumlautm Drammen A1093
Soumlautsten Marie.
Unknown; the writing at the bottom of the back is simply too faint to read.
Text says "Auntie + Grandma". The young woman (Auntie) certainly looks like the mom in the photo above of a woman and 4 children.
The man might be the same person as in the uniform a above.
Another photo exposed and developed on a metal plate.
Same as the two on the left in the above photo
Unknown individual
Translation assistance by Ellen Perkins
Script is:
Til Anne Gregersen! Lad intet dig i Bonnen hindre Til Fader tidt at ile hen; Jblandt die og da vil erindre En dig oprigtag trofast Ven
(Hard to make out last name)
This is formal written Norwegian; the literal translation is:
Let nithin you in prayer prevent to Father often rush toward Occasionally and and then remember One your sincer faithful friend.
Which translates to:
Let nothing prevent you from praying Rush frequently to God. This will help you to keep in mind a faithful steady friend. Iver(the friend being God)
Note: Anne Gregersen married Ole Tostenson.
The photo on the right was inside the paper jacket, so what was seen is the left column. All individuals unknown. Pretty whimsical picture, though. Back row, left seems to be carrying a rifle (possibly a cane), 2nd from left is holding a broom; 3rd from left is holding a frothy cup (beer?). The barrel says "Milk on TAP".
Ole Hanson.
Might this be a photo of Arendal? The blur in the foreground is presumably a moving pedestrian (who wasn't willing to stay still for the long exposure)

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