Family photos

The images and transcriptions here are from various family photos of George II and his family.
The images as shown on the page are about half size of actual.
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Betty, Charles (in the middle), and James. Year unknown.
Betty, year unknown.
James (in the back) with Charles 'driving'. Year unknown, photo postcard.
Photo postcard with George III and Betty. Sept 21, 1907.
Text is:We have been spending the day in Milwaukee. How do you like our pictures? With Love, Geo. + Betty.
Back of above postcard. Relationship to Mrs. Chas. Johnson of Chicago is completely unknown.
Update (Jan, 2010) - Cora Tostenson (Sophy's sister) married Charles Johnson, so this is presumably a postcard of her niece & nephew, and very likely written by Sophy.
Christmas photo/card, dated Dec. 1924 (but it seems unlikely that the photo was taken in December...)
And all of the signatures on the back. The chopped off content on the right hand side says: "Delay unavoidable"
A photo postcard: James on the left and Charles on the right. The identities of the two women are unknown.
Charles and George III, year unknown.
Buildings in Cement, OK. Probably "Gortonville" area. Based upon the map on the inside front of George III's book, the well is probably the No. 1 Surbeck (oil) well, or possibly the No. 1 Wade (gas) well.
Probably from March, 1921. A cropped version of this photo exists in George III's book, with the caption "Breaking a road through the drifts."
Yes, the fuzzy/obscured thing on the left is a car. Someone was moving pretty quickly when they hit the drift. It also seems that there is someone watching from the door of the office building (marked "A").
The envelope from the family's 1929 christmas card.
With two inserts inside, both signed by the family members.

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