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The images and transcriptions here are from various family photos.
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35th wedding anniversary photo of Harold and Charlotte Lains, taken 31-aug-1939
Harold Lains' father: Augustus Lains (photo taken 1850-1875 timeframe)
A bit of random memorabilia Dorothy kept - the calendar of August, 1935 when she and Chuck got married.
A Christmas card (1930s) from Harold and Charlotte. Writing on the back says "approximately 1930s".
Cover of Charles' and Dorothy's wedding ceremony booklet
Charles Tiffany Gorton (Charles' and Dorothys first child) August 9, 1936
Charles Tiffany Gorton August 30, 1936
Charles Tiffany Gorton Nov. 15, 1936
Charles Tiffany Gorton Nov. 1936 (specific day unknown)
Flora Lains, 1923 wife of Augustus ('George')
Charlotte Lains, 1938
Charlotte, graduation dress, circa 1900
A note from Charlottes' bible, written 1896
A note from Charlottes' bible, written 1896 (back of previous)
A note from Charlottes' bible, has two dates: may 20, and christmas 1896
Undated note from charlotte's bible
Undated note from charlotte's bible
note from charlotte's bible, Feb. 3, 1943 (possibly July 3, but more likely Feb) A condolence letter from a friend (William Burrows, st. paul) on the death of Charlotte to Harold.
Pages 2,3 of same note.
Charles, 1911
Dorothy baptism document, 1922
A "cradle roll" church certificate for Doroty, 1913.
Dorothy Joanne Olds (Woodside), Aug. 1935 (Dorothy Lains' niece)
1928 photo. 'Much love to my dearest sister "Sally"' (why "sally" is unknown to this author
Dorothy, 1929
Dorothy, 1931
Page 1 of a note by Dorothy about her wedding day
Page 2 of a note by Dorothy about her wedding day
Page 3 of a note by Dorothy about her wedding day
Dorothy, feb. 1927
Dorothy's grades, from some unknown newspaper, year unknown.
Daguerrotype of Harold Lains' grandfather and grandmother Lains, about 1855, Troy, Ohio
Dorothy formal High School photo
Dorothy, June 1931 (presumably college graduation)
Dorothy and Marguerite, 1912
Dotty, unknown year (probably 1950s)
Earhuff family photo, 1932. Taken at 236 19th Ave. E. North St. Paul (Silver Lake)
Golden Wedding celebration note for John Gottlieb and Mary Johnson Earhuff. Dunn County News, date unknown
Two notes re: dorothy's engagement to Charles.
Another engagement note
Family photo, christmas, 1923.
Dorothy in wedding dress
Dorothy, unkown year.
Dorothy, unkown year.
Nov. 2. "1941" of Dorothy, Margie, Harold Jr. (is more probably 1914...)
Grandma Charlotte Lains, ("Flora") wife of Augustus. Photo Circa 1850-1875
Flora Lains (Dorothy's grandmother), dec. 1923
Harold G. Lains, Dorothy's father, 1906
Harold G. Lains, Dorothy's father, age 50+ (year of photo unknown)
A card, found in Harold's bible. Interior notes indicate: Harold George Lains, born 26 Oct., 1878 at St. Paul, Minnesota. The bible was given to him Christmas, 1887 from his mother.
Flower, found in Harold's bible.
Flower, found in Harold's bible.
Flower, found in Harold's bible.
Wedding photos, Aug 30, 1904 Harold George Lains and Charlotte Earhuff Lains.
Wedding certificate, Harold and Charlotte, Aug. 30, 1904
Formal photo of Harold, date unknown
Harold G. Lains, obituary (age 70) December 6, 1948
Pom's pocketwatch
Harold was called "Pom" by various
of his grandchildren
The cameo is presumably of Charlotte
The watch itself is highly detailed
Pom's wristwatch
Dorothy & Charles' wedding invitation, Aug. 30, 1935, 8:30 PM. which is rather late in the day for a wedding
John Gottlieb Earhuff. In a fairly deep frame, which screws up the resolution when scanning. Year unknown.
Charles Tiffany Gorton (1936, prior to his death)
Marguerite [Lains] and Charles Olds, year unknown. A guess is 1940s or 1950s
Charles and Dorothy visiting Harold and Charlotte, Aug. 30, 1936
News article about Dorothy's high school graduation (as salutorian) following her graduation in 1931 from Wheaton College, Magna Cum Laude.
Envelope and page 1 of a note from Dorothy to Harold and Charlotte
Pages 2, 3 of the same note
Description of Charles & Dorothy's wedding.
Wedding photo of Dorothy, in St. Paul press. (newspaper unknown)
Bea & Pat's baby rattle, bracelets, and some sort of pendant (for shoe laces to keep track of them?) Turquoise stones (7) inset on bracelets, some sort of ball inside of the pendants. All items appear to be solid (definitely heavy) silver.
Dorothy and Harold Jr., winter 1916
Harold Jr. "Sonny" circa 1920
Unknown early photo. Based upon other family photos, this may very well be Anne and Lizzie Buffham, prior to Anne's death in 1862
Unknown person. Based upon above photo, this is from the late 1850s or very early 1860s.
Very faint writing on the back, believed to say "1880 Harold age 4 years, mother". TinType
Wedding description notes
photos of the wedding setup at the Lains' house, Silver Lake, St. Paul
Certificate for "Scholastic Honor Society" for Dorothy, 1931

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