Mound Cemetery Gravestones

There are 5 generations of Gortons buried in Mound Cemetery; the majority of the plots are in Block 11, Lots 162, 163, 164, 171, 172, 173. Some (Sophy Tostenson's family) are buried in Block 16, Lot 11 (some without markers). Buffham family markers are in Block 17, Lot 3.
Arranged in rough generational order, oldest generations first.

Map of Mound Cemetery

Grandparents of George Gorton II

William Buffham: born Nov. 20, 1801; died June 17, 1871.
Eliza Buffham: born July 8, 1801; died June 14, 1897.
No dates on this stone, but it says "Father". It is listed as "unknown" on the map for block 11, lot 173. The card file at the cemetery shows that James Gorton is buried in block 11, lot 173, so I believe (but can't prove) that this is the marker for James. Date of Death: Aug. 27, 1883, age 83 from kidney disease. Medical attendant: J.G.Meacham Jr.
No dates on this stone, but it says "Mother", and is adjacent to the undated marker for "Father" (above). Both [GG2mem] and Both [RootsWeb] claims Betty died Sept. 15, 1849 in Rochdale; she would presumably be buried there. However, there is a Racine Daily Journal article of June 6, 1883 which states: "...Mr. Hugh Gorton's father is aged 83, & his mother 75." Which means that Hugh's 'mother' was born in 1808. Betty was born in 1798. Racine City Directories for 1883/84, 1890/91 have Isabella, wid. of James residing at 1000 13th st. (where James resided prior to his death) I believe this is the marker for Isabella, who seems to have been James' second wife. However, to further complicate things: the death registration for Isabella Gorton indicates she died at age 80, on Feb 25, 1890 of Old age. And it lists Hugh in the column for "Name of the husband of the deceased".

Parents, Aunts & Uncles of George Gorton II

George Gorton I. born Dec. 25, 1825; died June 14, 1888.
Anne Buffham Gorton, George I's first wife. Mother of Minnie, Eliza, and Anne. born Oct. 21, 1832; died Oct. 15, 1862.
Elizabeth ("Lizzie"), George I's second wife. Mother of George II, Charles, and Helen Dorothea. born April 3, 1838; died April 9, 1914.
Hugh Gorton, brother of George Gorton I. born March 3, 1831; died June 6, 1914 Racine city directory for 1916 says April 3, 1914; obituary indicates early June, 1914. A news article says the First National bank will open late due to his funeral (June 9, 1914). Racine century application by grandson of Hugh lists death as June 6, 1914; birth as 3 March, 1831.
Jenett M. Gorton; born 1834; died 1925. Wife of Hugh; married Hugh Oct 20, 1853. Sometimes listed as Janett. Born Aberdeen, Scotland; parents Mr. & Mrs. W.P. Smith.
Known children: James W., Nellie.
L.K. Merell b 1852; died 1907. Son-in-law of Hugh and Jenett.
Henry Gorton, brother of George Gorton I. Born 1834; died 1902.
Hannah Gorton Holt, sister of George Gorton I. Born July 12, 1828; died Nov. 7, 1914. Married James G. Holt (born May 3, 1827; died Dec. 23, 1902). In Hughs obituary, the Holts are reported as living in Chicago.
James, husband of Hannah.

Siblings of George Gorton II

Helen Dorothea, sister of George II. born Aug. 5, 1881; died Jan 3, 1965. Was very involved with setting up libraries in Racine, and various other places in Iowa (ref. her obituary).
Minnie, half sister of George II. born 1856; died 1941
Anne, half sister of George II. born 1861; died 1921.
Eliza, half sister of George II. born Jan. 30, 1859; died May 20, 1889

Cousins of George Gorton II

George G. Holt. Son of James G. and Hannah (George II's aunt). born June 11, 1852; died Oct. 20, 1925
Holt baby April 11, 1890 (presumably died less than one day old) Grace Gorton Holt born Nov 1, 1878; died Mar. 7, 1881
James Walker. Gorton. Born Sept 27, 1856; died March 10, 1898.
Century application (Racine) lists James W. as Hugh's son. He married Amanda Lund. His death registration indiates that he was married to Augusta
William J. Gorton; born 1892; died 1969. (grandson of Hugh) Century application (Racine) lists William J. Gorton of 3215 Pierce Blvd. as married to Helen M. Ingalls on Sept 23, 1918.
Helen M. Gorton born 1894; died 1981. Cemetery records list as Helen Marie Gorton. Presumably wife of William J.
A joint (cremation) plot of Doris A. and James W.
Doris born 1924; died 2000. James Wallace born 1921; died 2003 James would thus be the great-grandson of Hugh

George Gorton II and Sophy Tostenson

Sophy T. Gorton. Inscription on the slab reads:
Wife of George Gorton II
Born October 29, 1871
Died October 27, 1930
Patient and heroic in suffering (?) she died, clam and without fear In the hope and assurance of eternal life.
"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints" Psalm 116
George Gorton II
Inscription on the slab reads:
Born February 5, 1865
Died Nov. 22, 1955
Jesus Christ said: Him that ?? to me I will in no wise cast out.

Children of George II and Sophy

George Gorton III born Mar 14, 1902; died June 12, 1988.
Married Dorothy Darsie. born Mar. 10, 1904; died May 5, 1992

Grandchildren of George II and Sophy

Charles Tiffany Gorton. Infant son of Charles (George II's son) and Dorothy Lains Gorton. born June 20, 1936; died Dec. 3, 1936. Also buried in this plot is another unknown (presumably child) In an adjacent plot, another unnamed infant, aged 7 hours; Dec. 28, 1944 is buried. Charles and Dorothy had a number of miscarriages (based upon recall of other family members)

Exact relationship unknown

Willie Gorton, born 1864; died 1892. Buried in a lot purchased by Hugh, next to Jenett. A guess is that Willie was one of Hugh's children. There is a death registration for J.W.A Gorton, aged 28 years, parents Hugh and Jane M. Gorton, a silver plater, married to Emily; date of death Aug. 24, 1892
Wallace Gorton. Born 1882; died 1893. A speculative guess is that Wallace was a child of James W. Hugh's obit indicates 4 children. If Willie was one of them, then Wallace is someone else's child. Also, Wallace is buried next to James W. Relative ages also make this seem plausible.
Gunda Gorton Hestler. born 1859; died 1927. Buried next to James W, which would imply that she was James W.'s wife and then remarried(?) Other records list her as Augusta. The century application by William J. Gorton lists her maiden name as Hermanda Lund
Generic family lot marker

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