Letters to Gorton Trust Shareholders

This is a set of the letters sent by George Gorton II to shareholders in the Gorton Trust, Betty G. Petroleum, Cala-Belle Oil Co, and the Concrete Petroleum Co. The letters prior to 1948 are strictly reporting various facts. However, in June, 1948, a minority group of shareholders filed suit to enjoin the sale of The Gorton Trust properties. Which in turn had a cascade effect on the other Petroleum companies, for reasons unknown to this author, even after reading these letters. This litigation was ongoing, until August, 1951, when it was finally dismissed. It appears that multiple sets of litigation may have been initiated, both in Racine, and in Caddo County Oklahoma.
One of the documents of note is the Order to show cause document to all parties to appear in court. At the top, it lists the litigants: Clifton O. Strom, Joseph W. Jagersberger, and F. Lee Norton et al. It is highly probable that Joseph W. Jagersberger is the same person who drove a car for Case in the very first Indianapolis 500 in 1911. George II's unpublished autobiography indicate that he was hired to build the two Case cars which were entered in the race.