Employee Patented Inventions

Without the skills and ingenuity of it's employees, a company designing and selling it's own products (as opposed to selling services of some sort) will eventually fail. Over the course of 60 years, a number of people invented and obtained US Patents on a variety of devices.
In rough chronological order (dates represent dates of patent application rather than dates of employment since no known record of employees have survived), these key contributors are listed below. A couple of notes about the content here:

  • Unless otherwise described, they are listed as residing in Racine, WI.
  • Note that the actual date of patent issuance/grant may occur many years after the application was submitted - one of Allen Gunderson's patents took 7 years to issue.
  • The number of patents the individual is an inventor or co-inventor of is listed in parentheses.
  • The most prolific inventors in the company seem to have been (more than five patents): The complete list of patent inventors is: The Utility patents are listed first, followed by the Design patents.

    Utility Patents

    Design Patents

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