Intellectual Property holdings of George Gorton Machine Co.

After the employees, one of the most important assets of a product-oriented company is it's Intellectual Property portfolio. For some companies, this is primarily based upon Brand recognition; people buy the product because of the name of the product. These products are typically trademarked. Trademarks can be applied for by anyone, and there are no specific requirements of innovation for trademarks. Another type of Intellectual Property is the Patent, which gives the patent holder (often called the "Assignee") the exclusive rights to use the invention described in a patent. Without getting too specific (because I'm sure I'll get details wrong) patents are required to be: novel and non-obvious. That is, it is a new way to do something, never done by anyone else. Patents are processed by government patent examiners, and often take a number of years to be granted.
Over the history of the George Gorton Machine Co, a number of patents were issued either to George Gorton, or (as the company grew) assigned to the company.
Here are the known intellectual property holdings of the company: Note: In order to be able to read the detail on these patents, your web browser needs to be able to understand how to read .tif files, which may require a browser plugin.
Details on how to read the images either from the US Patent & Trademark Office or from this site are here.

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