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Some results (from other tools not shown here)

This is a set of statically generated results, and is directly related to the work done on dynamic binary optimization investigations which were presented at the HotChips 11 conference in August, 1999. It shows the path-based behavior of one of the SPECint95 programs.
This is a graph of the total number of paths executed over the course of running 147.vortex from SPECint95. The phases of the program are really quite distinct.
This is a closer look at the six hottest paths (by aggregate execution count over the run of the program), bounded to the execution of the first 5e9 basic blocks. The paths show different execution frequencies, in visible patterns here.
These show the individual paths by themselves, and one can get a better sense of the phases that these paths are important during. NOTE: Path #632 and Path #637 are virtually the same shape; in fact, the difference in execution counts during the measurement periods between these two paths is zero or one. This is shown below.