Eastern MA, basement flooding in 2010

In the flooding of early March, 2010, my basement got soggier than normal. So I decided to document it. And since I was getting water in some unexpected places, the 'find and fix' efforts as well.
One (of two) pumps Tough to see, but the water
is coming in under the
bulkhead door, even though the
lip is 2 inches above the slab
Starting tearout. There was
a bookcase in front of the outlet
But there has been enough water over
the years that the base was totally
rotted to the point that I had to
throw it out
One of the two paperback bookcases
already taken down
Black line denotes the height
of the backing being soggy, even
a month later.
No, thats not actually brick.
It is painted on! As to why,
it is a bafflement. And the tarpaper
seems to be covering some sort of hole!
North wall stripped down to
the studs
Studs gone, after a pass of
This was 'hidden' behind the
tarpaper. The old casement
which now "looks" into the crawl
space was merely boarded up
And not particularly well, either.
Duct tape applied to "window" After powerwashing, round 1
The wall concrete near the bottom
is rather coarse; a lower quality, or
merely settling?
Post round 2 of powerwashing
still damp. Of interest is the black
"stuff" on the left, next to the
corner. So far, it seems to be
some sort of plasticized/rubberized
content. I suspect it hides a crack.
Post round 2 of powerwashing
still damp
Hmm. Flesh colored paint
Whats this about?
Walls of flesh?
Pretty weird color choice
Very 1950's
Oh my. Major rot on the bottom
2x3 framing timber.
The rot is so bad that
a lot of the nails are
mostly dissolved, and the wood
is crumbling.
Back to the former casement
window. The fill-in: expanding
polyurethane foam and a couple
of random boards screwed in over
the foam. The bottom board is
from a bookcase destroyed by
the water, repurposed.
Nope, that's not rice, those are
larvae where the bottom
support board was. Looks like the
black goop was painted over
the flesh colored paint
All set to take a first scraping
pass at cleanup
Scraping done. Ready to power-wash
Power wash of west wall done X is the hole that goes all
the way through the wall
These look suspicious.
Someone used plaster of
paris to plug holes
Very "clever" (Sarcasm)
Fortunately, they don't go all
the way through the foundation
This after partially filling
them with hydraulic cement.
North wall done And about half of the west
wall is done
Whoops, projectus interruptus due
to plumbingus brokenii
This cracked drain main set me back
A large number of $$$ as well.
(Plumbers charge a LOT)
Workbench and shelves moved to the
north end of the basement
Remaining west wall prior to demolition Same spot post power-washing. The "X"
mark another pair of holes through the foundation wall.
Another view North end after work completed
All done except for putting the books
back onto the bookshelves
This is the cleanest and tidiest the
basement has been in years.
Decades, actually