Over the course of 4 days, we 'did' the following: Someplace during this set of adventures, we also found time for Zander and Erik (mostly Zander) to do some artwork on my old hot tub cover, and also deconstruct a disk drive. Never underestimate the capabilities of a determined kid. A 16 lb. sledgehammer, a hacksaw, and a bolt-cutter were all utilized. Zander wanted to even try a chainsaw, but that was a non-starter due to multiple safety issues. Surprisingly, the bolt cutter was the most effective.
The platter and armature of the drive had been previously removed via correct disassembly, and got taken home as souvenirs.
USS Constitution,
Sat. June 19, 2010
Of interest is the contrast
between the work-in-progress
on the starboard side vs. the
"unmodified" port side
Zander and Erik
manning the helm
Mom & Dad taking photos
of said helmsmanship
Aft of the Constitution
Jellyfish: there were lots
of them in the water around
the ship
Kind of hard to see, but
Z and E sleeping, Sunday AM
Another snooze-cam shot Artwork: Erik's on the left
and Zander's on the right
Zander deconstructing a
hard disk drive (1)
Using a 16lb sledge
the sledge is heavy
Not shown: using a bolt
cutter to deconstruct
Final result: a successfully
deconstructed hard drive