Some woodworking/art projects

These are done for fun, personal decompression, and to be able to build stuff with my hands. In reverse chronological order (most recent stuff at the top of the web page)
Floor lamp/sculpture
About 6' tall; halogen lamps. Slate base with holes cut in it as needed; Triangular back support and 'wings' - walnut; main 'front' board - Jatoba (brazilian cherry). Walnut stained with walnut gel stain; Jatoba with Mahogany gel stain. Brazed copper tubing as an accent. Constructed January - March, 2006.
A Gen-U-Ine 'Zander' lamp
This particular one has a flaw (moderately well hidden), so I kept this one. Others have been made, and are in the posession of Zander and Karen. Only the base varies, and they have all been granite or marble. November 2005 for the first one, others periodically. A variant which will have a single traditional bulb/socket/shade is in-progress.
A more complicated lamp
This one started out with a round floor tile as a base; through various stages, different parts ended up being problematic and/or breaking; this picture is the end result. September - November 2005
A Puzzle
Summer, 2005. The green paper puzzle made by my nephew, Alexander ('Zander') was the inspiration. The intent was to have the original puzzle incorporated into the end result, but the paper got seriously discolored when polyurethaned, so the paper was removed. Made with scraps.
A Tabletop Zen Rock Garden
Summer, 2005 About 2' x 3'
A silver chest
About 16" x 12". Apple; lid is cherry & mohogany. For a former co-worker. Completed early 2002.
Dumptruck This is loosely based upon off-highway (mining) truck, such as the Caterpillar 797B (shown here). A model vehicle site with photos of a 797 is here.
The first lamp I made.
apple and honey locust; it took a couple of pieces of wood to cleanly drill the center hole through without piercing the side.
A towel rack - an interesting (and educational) oops Working with honey locust is not for the faint of heart. Even when dry, it is really quite dense. Rough cutting the chunks of this into sort-of boards wore out (broke the motor shaft) a McCulloch Electra-Mac 4hp (electric) saw, and planing the stuff dulled a set of planer blades as well. On the plus side, a small amount of rough handling and minor tool slips won't damage the wood because it is so dense.
Halloween prop: a fake electric chair
A Zebrawood (Wenge base) lamp for my friend Sharibeth (2007-2008) An equivalent version made from Mahogany with a Wenge base made for nephew Erik in 2008
Cherry base, with mahogany accents, and a copper 'stalk'/shaft. Shade from WalMart. 2007-2008
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